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NEmulation is a .NET framework and platform primarily written in C#. It provides easy integration for different kinds of simulation software such as virtual machines, test units, and other kinds as well. All NEmulation machines can run in a hosted test environment via a running WCF server. The server provides a user command line shell and ways of communication for remote and local software testing. No code has to be changed or modified to be supported on the server, simply load in the assembly that contains a class deriving from VirtualMachine. More to come soon…

  • Abstract classes for virtualization
  • .NET Framework 4.0 Support
  • IL Emitter tools for code recompiling
  • WCF Server with a PowerShell powered command line interface for hosting/managing multiple virtual machines
  • NUnit for testing code
  • Emulation mangement and tools
  • Built-in memory management system for fast ambiguous I/O in .NET
  • ASP.NET website that displays the information about the hosted virtual machines

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